Drink Locally

Drink Locally

Friday through Sunday

Town Park


Enjoy a glass of beer, wine, hard cider, or juice at the festival this year.


The Drink Locally Tent features all local beverages! Beers provided by Paonia’s Revolution Brewing. Their handcrafted lagers, ales, and stouts are made using local, organic hops and fruits to craft their unfiltered brew. They even grind their hops using bicycle power! Also enjoy brews from 4B’s Brewery, a small family owned microbrewery in Cedaredge, currently brewing Ales (IPA, Brown Ale, Pale Ale) and Lagers (Pilsner) with the finest ingredients from local farmers in Delta County, as well as around Colorado.


Wine lovers can choose from a variety of wines from several of our local wineries. These are among the finest made, from vineyards located at some of the highest altitudes to produce wine.


Delicious Orchards makes Big B’s juices and multiple varieties of hard cider. Be sure to try them; they’re bursting with flavor!


Water and juice are available for those wanting non-alcoholic alternatives. The Drink Locally Tent will open Friday at 4-8pm, Saturday and Sunday Noon–6pm. You may buy drink tickets for beer, wine and cider at $5, juice at $2, and bring a refillable container for our free, 5 gallon water dispenser. Age verified wrist bands will be given out after our volunteers check ID, and service will be refused to visibly intoxicated patrons. Please be prepared to show your ID upon request (even if you have a wristband). Drink Responsibly; please set a good example. Live long and prosper.